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Fuel & Diesel Rates is a big problem for the majority of truck drivers; especially if they are owner operators.
Some trucking companies are receiving a relief and paying $1.61 per gallon ( fact: Schneider National )
Auto transporters aren't getting that rate...Why doesn't the DOE offer it to all trucking companies across the board? Don't they know that without truck drivers, the household goods don't get delivered, cold foods remain in warehouses, it all stops.

Another problem that hurts the drivers are BROKERS who take more than they need to. Brokers tend to bend the rule and take from the drivers profit. If you are broker you can't get rich over night; without the driver your freight won't get moved at a bottom line price. some brokers don't have the experience of owning and maintaining equipment to transport freight. (note, insurance, maintenance) Please cap your %/$ per car, load whatever it is you broker. We need to unite and work together so everyone can make a living and profit from their work during this fuel crisis.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update