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By bringing unique services to our customers, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We try to make it as simple as possible for you to work with us. By developing a strong relationship, we hope that you will contact us for all your transportation needs.



                                                        Disclosure to all Insured Brokers & Auto Dealers

                                                                           No FEE to Post your LOAD


Welcome! To the Transport Network load board.

Please read the following user agreement before posting your load. Upon posting any individual cars, partial loads or full loads; please fill out the following form and fax back to 305-513-5115 for permission to use this site.


                                                     ALL LOADS POSTED ON THIS SITE ARE C.O.D. ONLY!

Dealer: Business checks or Certified Bank Check

DEALERS: If the driver arrives during business hours; please have the check ready. Any check that is returned for non-sufficient funds; the following will take place: Report your dealer location to the States Attorney General, file a bad check report with the National Check Fraud Center and a local filing to your District Attorneys office.  All bad checks have a $45.00 penalty and applied to the transport fee.  Your access to this load board will be terminated.

Dealer: Business checks or Certified Bank Check

BROKERS: If the private party does not have CASH upon delivery, the vehicle will be stored and will not be released until full payment is received.  An inconvenience fee of $50.00 will be applied for every hour the driver has to wait for payment or an overnight stay will be $150.00 additional charge. Take care of your broker fee with customer not the driver.  Driver is not responsible to pick up your broker fee.

Brokers: private transports are paid in CASH - No Exceptions.

                                                                                 PEACE OF MIND

the Transport Network dispatcher WILL communicate with the customer to have payment ready.  All calls will be manually recorded in case communication discrepancies should arise between the customer and the Transport Network. Therefore no additional charges should arise with this service that the Transport Network provides to you.  After you post your load, the dispatcher will communicate with all parties upon pickup and delivery. Your job is done when the car is delivered.

                                                                                  HASSLE FREE

the Transport Network dispatcher will be in contact with the USER and provide driver information, insurance and status upon request.  Your drivers' information will be on your account for each load posted and expire upon delivery.

      Dealers / Brokers calls to the drivers are only allowed if you cannot get a hold of our dispatch office 

NOTE: ALL CARRIERS WILL NEED TO PROVIDE CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE, AUTHORITY AND 5 GOOD REFERENCES.  (Important Notice: some drivers maybe Spanish speakers only which will be fully disclosed to the dealer at time of pickup) Dispatcher / Michelle is bilingual.